New category: PowerShell Functions

Like many of my fellow IT Professionals out in the world, I’m digging me some PowerShell. I find it really funny that For all these years the *NIX admins have been laughing their asses off because the Windows admins have not really had a decent shell scripting language. And then came PowerShell. PowerShell is like the command shell and a programming language had a baby. A baby that has superpowers. This is exactly what Windows admins the world over have wanted all this time.

And it’s so easy to use. In fact, even if you’ve never opened a PowerShell prompt before, you already know some stuff that you can use in it (assuming that you’ve opened a command prompt in the last twenty years). Go ahead and open up a PowerShell prompt (Win+R, type: powershell, and then hit ENTER, or just type powershell into the search box on the start menu).

Type: dir, and then hit ENTER.

Looks familiar right?

But try this, type:

get-alias dir, and hit ENTER.

You just ran a PowerShell cmdlet (pronounced “command let”).

And there are a ton more. And unlike some people I could name, Microsoft didn’t forget the other guys when they built PowerShell, try typing the following in the PowerShell Window: ls, and then hit ENTER. Yep they make it pretty easy to harness what you know, whether that be *NIX, or Win32.

One of the most awesome things about PowerShell is that you can extend it. Easily. And make the extension seamless. And Functions are pretty awesome. So expect to see more on this here.


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