How to: Single space envelope addresses in Word 2010?

Ok, file this one under WTF?

So one of my users is printing an envelope (I didn’t even know that people still did this for single envelopes), and she tells me that her addresses are double spaced, and can’t get them to be single spaced. She also just had her Office version upgraded from 2003 to 2010 two days ago, so my natural inclination was that this was just a case of “stupid Office Ribbon!”

When I walked into her office, this is what I found:


Ok then. Well this should be easy enough to fix I think. Yeah, no. So some quick Google Fu, and I can now define why this is happening, but am having no luck figuring out how to fix it. This happens because when you hit the ENTER key, Word creates a new paragraph, not just a new line. So it should just be a simple matter of fixing the paragraph spacing right? Except the paragraph spacing is already set to 0px, and the line spacing is already set to single spaced.

Then I find a user with the same problem (you mean there’s more than one of you???). So I’m reading 10 pages of comments with troubleshooting advice like I would give, and all to no avail. Then this gem from a Microsoft MVP for Word: Try SHIFT+ENTER to create a new line rather than a new paragraph.


I discovered later that if you want to fix this permanently, you need to set the paragraph spacing to “auto”, which then allows paragraph spacing to function correctly.

Somewhere at Microsoft there is a Product Manager that approved this jackassery. I’d like to meet that guy face to face so I can kick his junk up into his throat.

I seem to be working my way through the Office 2010 design team, as I have a similar gripe about Outlook 2010 and mail headers.

What next, et tu Excel?

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